My insta-weekend that was

My Instagram pics from a weekend trip to Melbourne

Last weekend I enjoyed a wonderful mini-break in Melbourne where I spent my days catching up with friends and (of course!) looking for vintage along the way. This trip I visited Jacinta and her new store, Dames of Distinction, and I went to Ballarat with Claire and Jess to find treasures at a vintage fair. […]

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A Truly Vintage day in Melbourne

The Truly Vintage ladies

Last Saturday (11 May) I had the pleasure of being involved with the Truly Vintage day organised by Trish (Trish Hunter Finds) and Marianne (Esme and the laneway). Held at Trish’s vintage shop (Hunter & Co.) I met, mingled and talked about all things vintage with a group of wonderful ladies. Left to right: (top) […]

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A little wistful thinking

Farmhouse by Peter Brown

Sticking to routines. Dedication to a task. Completion of a project. These are three things I pride myself on being able to do but lately… well… I’ve been feeling a little run down and wistful. I’d love to take a break and wander around beautiful flower-filled country fields like this… While cycling and stopping to […]

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My weekend that was

My weekend in Melbourne: Vintage hunting

Do you follow me on Twitter and Instagram? If so, you might have seen my updates about my trip to Melbourne last weekend. It was a quick trip but I managed to pack in as much as possible! One of the main reasons for my trip was to see the Etsy Australia Interactive display at […]

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1960s Holidays in Britain

1966/7 'Travel to Britain' guide

Happy 2013 friends! Are you ready for the new year or are you still in holiday-mode? I am a little… One of my close friends just moved to London and while I’m sad he’s no longer in Australia, I’m now dreaming about holidaying in Britain. I’ve spent time in Britain before, back in 2004 and […]

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My travels so far: Vancouver (BC) and an early trip home

Vancouver (Canada) during fall

From Seattle to Vancouver, Canada, the weather hasn’t improved much rain-wise but it certainly is just a pretty, maybe even a little more so, fall-wise. I’ve only explored a little of Vancouver, walking around Stanley Park, Granville Island and the Downtown central areas but I have found a couple of vintage and tea gems along […]

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My travels so far: Seattle

Catching the train from Portland to Seattle | The Seattle Space Needle | Walking around Seattle | Seattle Elephant Car Wash Sign

During the 90s I was a grunge loving girl and I admit to being overly excited about visiting Seattle… it did not disappoint. Just like Portland, Seattle is super easy to get around (either by walking or public transport) and I certainly kept myself busy during my four days there. My hotel was located near […]

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My travels so far: Portland

Fall in Portland

We took the overnight train from San Francisco to Portland. I’ve travelled by train before but this was the first time I slept in a room (a small room but still a room) on one. It certainly beats sleeping on a plane (which I’m horrible at) and I woke up semi-refreshed to see the countryside […]

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My travels so far: San Francisco

My San Francisco Trip: Vintage thrift finds; Bagel and Snapple; Me in a pumpkin patch; Lavender lemon tea

It was a long flight over which involved scoring a set of two airplane seats for myself from Sydney to LA (YAY!) and then having my flight delayed from LA to San Francisco (BOO!) but I finally arrived (a little sleepy) last Monday afternoon. The super lovely Theresa (of Verseau Vintage) was there to meet […]

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