Nice Pins: Follow the line

1960s candy striped dresses

Striped dresses. I adore them and I seem to have been pinning a lot of them lately. Be they diagonal… Horizontal… Vertical… I just love them bold and bright! How about you… do you love stripes too? Images via: 1940s Lauren Bacall; 1950s green striped dress; 1950s vertical striped dress; 1960s candy stripe dresses.

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Nice Pins: Twas the season

1960s green dress and matching hat

With moving and not having a proper internet connection at my new place for a few weeks, I wasn’t terribly active on Pinterest over the past couple of months but it seems it was the season for… Gorgeous dresses… But when is it NEVER the season for beautiful frocks? And perhaps a little decadence… Or […]

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Nice Pins: October Pretty Dresses

1960s floral dress

During October I seemed to pin pretty dress after pretty dress… perhaps compiling (yet another!) dream dress wish list? I mean… I certainly wouldn’t complain if I was given this fabulous floral… Or one of these pretty pastels… Or some summery stripes… But if I had to choose just one… I think I’d choose this […]

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Nice Pins: September in Bloom

Spring in Bloom | The Australian Women's Weekly, 8 August 1956

“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” You might recognise that quote from The Devil Wears Prada (a movie I have probably seen far too many times!) and for me, on Pinterest, September was just that. Flowers in hair… Flowers in hands… Flowers and stripes… Flowers in colourful abundance! How about you? What have you been pinning […]

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Nice Pins: August Warming

Spring blooms in a bicycle basket

It seems I was mostly thinking about spring during the month of August, which is funny because I know as soon as the heat starts getting too unbearable I’ll be dreaming about all things autumn and winter again, but… for now… I’m happy to keep on dreaming about all things spring! Things like pretty flowers […]

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Nice Pins: July Royal Treats

1960s emme purple suit

July saw me pin a lot (and I mean A LOT) of food. It might be the cold weather but with such delicious treats as the following grilled cheese… who am I to resist? I have so far resisted making it (I’m trying to be good after indulging in a little too much chocolate cake!) so […]

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Nice Pins: Keeping warm in June

Burgundy red coat

My pins during the first month of winter have (understandably) been feeling quite warm and I think these perfectly matched/mix-matched knee-highs are adorable. I’m also loving this lady’s coat although I’m not quite sure what she’s looking at… Superman perhaps? Thanks to this picture I’m currently a little obsessed with finding the perfect yellow plaid […]

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Nice Pins: May Daze

Terraced Garden | Veranda magazine, June 2001

May was busy but there was still time for a little day-dreaming with a few of my favourite pins from the past month… Fancy some afternoon tea in this beautiful terraced garden with some lemon frosted cupcakes perhaps? Ever since I spied this picture in a 1964 issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, I’ve been […]

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Nice Pins: April Strolls

Lei Sept 1988

I pin. You pin? I’m pretty sure we all pin and these are a few of my favourites from the month of April… Everyone is understandably a little Gatsby crazy at the moment and the Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby collection is dapper! I really want one of these adorable bells for my bicycle but I […]

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