Dance of the seven voiles

Dance of the Seven Voiles: UK Vogue, March 1970

Mary Quant is probably best known for her influence on 1960s mod fashion in the United Kingdom. The following, however, is an editorial for UK Vogue in the early 70s which shows a movement towards the more soft and whimsical. Using Liberty’s light voile the following designs use flurries of frills and scatterings of flowers […]

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The perfect vintage bicycle riding attire

Me wearing my 1960s Nelly Don skort dress

When riding one’s vintage bicycle it’s important to look one’s vintage best but I also think it’s important to keep it comfortable and practical. Comfortable, practical and pretty vintage clothing for riding you might think is hard to come by, but I’m here to say it simply isn’t so! Dresses with skorts or culottes are […]

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Back in the USSR with 1960s fashion

1960s fashion in 'Sputnik' magazine

1960s fashion. Known for its bold use of colour and patterns these images from a 1968 issue of ‘Sputnik’ are no exception. The use of primary colours and the scallop dot hem of the top on the right is pretty fabulous! These hats are adorable and I love how they match the lines of the […]

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Film Fashion Cavalcade

Black velvet with diamonds. The above exquisite piece was made for Mae West in the movie 'She Done Him Wrong'.

Famous Hollywood designer, Edith Head has her costumes exhibited around the world. I saw a couple of her Grace Kelly gowns at a recent Bendigo Art Gallery exhibition but that wasn’t the first time her designs graced Australian shores. Edith visited Australia in 1969 and a selection of her stunning costumes were displayed in a […]

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Vintage paper bag princess

My 1960s Hallmark Paper Dress

Recently Lizzie posted about 1960s paper dresses on her blog The Vintage Traveler. Paper dresses are a testament to the innovations of the 60s and seeing Lizzie’s post inspired me to share with you my own piece of ‘ready to tear’ history. My paper dress is a Hallmark party dress and its fabulous holly pattern […]

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Trying some vintage specs on for size

1970s vintage spectacle sample sheets

How fabulous are these pictures of vintage spectacles?! According to the Flickr account they belong to they are from a 1970s optometrist office and were originally printed on clear plastic strips so customers could hold them up to their face to see how the different frames suited them. GENIUS! Now… I don’t have clear plastic […]

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Fabulously deceptive fashion

1920s Schiaparelli sweater and 1950s Hermes dress

There is a fabulously deceptive reoccuring fashion trend I love. It’s called ‘trompe l’oeil’ which is French for ‘deceive the eye’. It’s a technique used by designers, both vintage and modern, to create optical illusions in fashion. Elsa Schiaparelli used trompe l’oeil in her knitwear creations in the 1920-30s and Hermes screen printed details on […]

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The vintage plastic shopper that could

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 collection bags

Remember plastic baskets/bags like these? Images: (left) What Nice Vintage; (right) Modular Parallel I most certainly did when I saw bags that look rather similar in design featured in the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 collection. I think they were adorable to begin with but add a splash of LV paint and shimmer and well… they’re […]

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When beatniks were called flappers

When beatniks were called "flappers". Aust. Women's Weekly, Oct 1960

While (virtually) flicking through a 1960s issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly online (yes, it is my favourite archive!) the following feature caught my eye. Not only are the dresses eye catching in themselves (hello 60s Dior!) but this tagline made me smile… ‘Glad, mad, and feminine, these two dance dresses show the very newest […]

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