Australian Vintage: Vicars Fine Wool

Vicars fine fabrics of fine wool. 1950s advertisement.

It’s winter and when it’s winter out come the vintage winter woolies! One of the many reasons I love vintage clothing over modern is because of the fabric quality and wool is one of the loveliest natural fibres, which Australia is renowned for. Vicars Woollen Mill was one of the first and largest woollen mills […]

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Evening gowns through the decades

Australian evening gowns through the decades: Exhibition in Heyfield, Victoria

Last Friday I hit the road bright and early (and in the fog!) to check out an estate sale that sounded promising. Unfortunately, it turned out to be sheds full of old farm gear but all was not lost. I decided to have a look through some op shops on my way home and I’m […]

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1960s Fashion for Autumn

1960s party dresses

Last week I shared some fabulous 1970s autumn fashion and this week it’s all about the 1960s, starting with a cape! Are capes never not fashionable? I don’t think so and above is another great design by John J. Hilton. While we’re on the subject of outerwear… how fabulous are these two coats? I’m not […]

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Falling for 1970s Autumn Fashion

Australian 1970s autumn fashion: Printed knits, midi skirts and boots

Remember how I said when I think of 1970s fashion I tend to associate it with two things, autumn and summer? Well… now it’s April and starting to well and truly feel a lot like autumn I thought I’d share some great 70s fashion that’s been inspiring me lately. 1970s autumn fashion is mostly about […]

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Iconic Australian Vintage Knitwear by Slade

Australian Vintage 1960s Slade orlon knitwear

Slade is a knitwear brand Australians know well. The label has produced knitwear since the late 1940s when the Slade brothers set up shop in Melbourne, after coming from Poland following World War II. The knitwear has always been made from high quality fibres and constantly on trend with the styles of each decade. It’s […]

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How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Vintage Dress

How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Vintage Dress: Accessorising How-To

Accessorising. Do you find it hard or easy? We can either have too much going on or not enough. I tend to be quite minimal when it comes to accessories but sometimes I think I should be a little more adventurous… while hopefully not ruining a perfectly good dress… No question about it, ruining a […]

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What's in your vintage Glomesh handbag?

My mother's vintage 1970s gold Glomesh bag

Glomesh. It’s a brand of metal mesh handbags and accessories Australians know well. Founded by Louis and Alice Kennedy who migrated to Australia from Israel in 1958, the bags were in circulation from the 1960s and were incredibly popular during the 1970s and 80s. I have a couple of Glomesh bags my mother lovingly wore […]

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