We all have our vintage style icons and I thought I’d put a little spin (pun intended!) on this type of post with five of my favourites on bicycles!

It’s important to ride your bicycle properly and Maggie Smith shows us how to do just that with a straight back and purely British demeanour… gosh I love her.

Vintage Bicycle Style: Maggie Smith

Or perhaps a little more girly is your style like Brigitte Bardot in ruffles and plaits…

Vintage Bicycle Style: Brigitte Bardot

… and Sandra Dee being adorable as usual in slacks, flats and a horse print headband.

Vintage Bicycle Style: Sandra Dee

Riding a bicycle is a practical form of transport but… it’s also fun, which is something Twiggy knows how to do well.

Vintage Bicycle Style: Twiggy

Finally, this wouldn’t be a style icon post without Audrey and her long sleeve top under a pinafore dress is my favourite.

Vintage Bicycle Style: Audrey Hepburn

Who’s your favourite?

Image sources: Maggie Smith; Brigitte Bardot; Sandra Dee; Twiggy; Audrey Hepburn.