Autumn is by far my favourite time of year to ride my bicycle. The air is cool. The sun is shining. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of orange. So… naturally I’m obsessing about vintage bicycle fashions again!

This… is pretty much my perfect bicycling outfit. A wooly pleated skirt, hiding the shorts underneath (also known as a skort), teamed with a brightly coloured sweater. I’m also loving her grey tights and ankle boots.

Vintage Bicycle Style: Mademoiselle, August 1958

While I have a couple of dresses with skorts I’d love to have a skort separate like that or even some great culottes like this…

Vintage Bicycle Style: Culottes

I also wouldn’t mind riding about in one of these fabulous 1970s black and white dresses.

Vintage Bicycle Style: 1970s black and white dress

In Australia, we’re required to ride bicycles with helmets which is all well and good for protecting my head but… sometimes I wish I could wear pretty hats instead.

Vintage Bicycle Style: 1970s black and white dress

So… it’s pretty safe to say I’m currently on the look-up for more vintage bicycling attire! If you ever come across anything like them feel free to let me know. The skort, culottes, dresses or all three… I’m not picky! ;)

Images from: Mademoiselle, August 1958; gahetNA; L’officiel de la mode nº584, 1971.