This week’s final guest post is by one of my favourite Australian vintage bloggers, Andi B. Goode. Not only does she have fabulous style but she also has an amazing vintage record and barbie collection. I’m so happy to share her favourite ‘between season’ outfit with you all!

Hello, Bess Georgette readers — Andi from Andi B. Goode here! I’m very happy to be doing a guest post for Teresa whilst she’s away and on the topic of an outfit for in between weather is even better.

I thought a bit about outfits for seasonal transitions and what might be my favourite… I tend to find that, like many others, my colour choices for outfits are definitely affected by the weather. When it’s in between cold and hot weather I still tend toward slightly darker outfits yet I still like a lighter fabric — spring can be so unpredictable that I don’t want to be caught in something heavy and dark. So this 1950s dress I got on Etsy a while back, thinking it wouldn’t be anything special from the photos, is probably my favourite for in between weather.

(These photos are from last year but I have worn this outfit in similar weather recently but didn’t take photos… oops!)

Andi B. Goode's favourite between seasons outfit

Outfit details: 1950s hat — Red Ruby Vintage; 1980s sunglasses — somewhere in Melbourne; 1950s dress — Etsy; belt, bangles, handbag — various; stockings — ?; shoes — Kmart.

Andi B. Goode's favourite between seasons outfit

As well as having a lightweight fabric that’s easy to layer with various cardigans depending on the temperature, this dress is super comfortable! Not only is it great for transitional weather but if I was going out in the day and straight to something in the evening, this would be a great dress to wear as well. Plus, with nylon stockings, a nylon slip and a cardigan I’m usually warm enough on a cooler spring evening (though definitely not on a cold one).

The cooler weather of spring is perfect for bangles, too! If I wear too many in summer I tend to get heat rashes (yuck!) so make the most of ‘bangle weather’ while I can.

Anyone else have a favourite in between weather outfit?

Images courtesy of Andi B. Goode.