This week we’re kicking off the ‘between season’ guest posts with one of my favourite vintage sellers and bloggers, Karen of Small Earth Vintage. Karen has a fabulous style which I often envy (I covet her t-straps!) and her online store reflects her taste with a wonderful collection of vintage clothing and accessories. I’m delighted to share her favourite ‘between season’ outfit with you!

Hello, there! I’m Karen of Small Earth Vintage, and I’m very honored that Teresa asked me to write a guest post for her wonderful blog while she’s traveling. Teresa asked me if I would write about my favorite vintage ‘between seasons’ outfit. I’m writing this in Michigan, at the beginning of October, and the weather has been very typical of early autumn: warm and sunny most days, occasionally a bit cooler and windy. And it’s always cool in the evenings now. It’s pretty much the best kind of weather, in my opinion. But it’s a challenge to dress for. This is the time of year I’m ready to break out the wool, cashmere, tights, and boots… but really, it’s still a bit too warm for all those things.

So, what to do? I have a tried and true get-up that works pretty well for me this time of year, and I photographed an example of it. Except for the boots, it’s all vintage. And I’ve worn it — or some variation of it — year after year. Oh, and I’m writing this from a northern hemisphere viewpoint, and I fully realize you southern folk are heading from winter into spring. You know what? My winter into spring outfit template isn’t very different from this one at all.

Karen's (Small Earth Vintage) favourite between season outfit

It starts with a dress (or a dress and skirt combo — but isn’t a dress just so much easier?). This one is from the 1970s and has a great print and autumnal color scheme. It’s too warm now for the heavy knits, but lighter fabrics, like cotton are actually ideal for this time of year. This dress is a lightweight sheerish polyester that I have to wear with a full slip, which works perfectly for autumn temperatures. If warmer temperatures force you to wear lighter weight fabrics, you can always bring the feeling of autumn into your outfit by choosing rich, autumnal colors: gold, moss or olive green, rusty reds, russet brown, etc. I love seeing prints of leaves and acorns — anything woodlandy — this time of year. And of course, plaid, that back to school staple, is always perfect for fall. (If it’s spring, I start craving brighter and lighter colors, floral prints, and lighter fabrics.)

Detail of Karen's vintage charcoal gray wool blazer and 1970s dress

Since it’s nearly always cool in the evening this time of year, it’s key to have at least one layering piece. I love this vintage charcoal gray wool blazer that I thrifted last year. A fitted jacket like this, or a cardigan (cotton, cashmere, or wool, depending on how cool I think it might get) is always with me. A nice long, cozy scarf can also help ward off chill when you don’t have a heavier coat or jacket to wear, and is nice and portable (easy to stuff into a bag).

Boots aren’t really necessary in autumn, but I love boots, and pretty much can’t wait to start wearing them again. And if you’re not quite ready — or it’s not cool enough yet — for tights, a pair of boots will still keep most of your legs nice and warm when you’re wearing a skirt or dress. (These boots get even more of a workout during the Michigan transition from winter into spring; there’s often still snow, and the ground is usually wet and mushy from melting snow or rain.)

Karen's boots and needlepoint handbag

Although most of my autumn transitional wardrobe is made up of of tried-and-true items, it’s always nice to have something new to add to the mix. In this case, the new item is this needlepoint bag. I bought it last winter, but haven’t used it yet. Needlepoint and tapestry somehow say ‘autumn’ to me… and a nice big bag is helpful for toting around a scarf, cardigan, or hat.

I know Teresa is a smart world traveler, so she’ll likely have plenty of great layering pieces with her on her North American trip! How is the weather where you are? Are you experiencing a change of seasons, and how are you adapting your wardrobe to the transition?

Images courtesy of Karen (Small Earth Vintage).