It’s that time of year when the seasons are changing and the weather can be completely different from one day to the next. Do I wear a sweater? Do I opt for a pair of thick opaques or not? Do I tempt the winds with a full circle skirt? If you can be as indecisive about what to wear as I am then I’m sure you’ve asked yourself these very questions!

Windy hair | LIFE October 1947

As much as the weather may be unpredictable I know I usually end up making the same decision. Cardigans and tights teamed with either a dress, or skirt and top combination (a not too floaty skirt!)… this is pretty much my uniform. In fact, it’s safe to say I’d live in this combination all year round if I could… and I do try!

1950s cardigan and skirt combinations

While I’m travelling in North America over the next four weeks, I’ll be experiencing Fall and with the above in mind… well you can guess this pleases me greatly! ;) Also, while I’m away, a few of my vintage loving friends will be sharing with you their favourite ‘between season’ outfit and seeing as they are so kind to I thought it only fair I share mine as well.

Me wearing my brown corduroy Gorman skirt, vintage white lace blouse and wooden deer brooch

I have had this skirt for YEARS! I was lured into buying it from Brisbane’s Gorman store by its full-ish shape, corduroy, wide waistband and of course… pockets! Ever since, it has travelled with me everywhere. Anyone who knows me will attest to seeing me wear this skirt probably more than I should but… it’s so comfy and so cute… and I don’t care!

Vintage wooden deer brooch

Vintage 1960s Carol Brent red t-straps

The skirt can withstand any wind thrown at it (I ride my bike in it) and brown is a perfect ‘between season’ colour for mixing and matching with patterns and other colours galore! I’ve teamed it here with a vintage white lace long sleeve shirt (no cardi required!), a little wooden deer brooch (which once belonged to my mother) and a pair of 1960s red t-straps.

How about you? Do you have a favourite ‘between season’ outfit?

Images: LIFE October 1947; 1950s cardigan and skirts.