Football. It’s not something I’ve ever talked about on the blog. I mean… there’s been no reason what so ever to combine my love for vintage with my love for Australian Rules Football. That is… until now!

Don’t worry. I’m not going to talk about football! I am however, going to share some fabulous 1961 football fashions from ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly’. YAY!

1960s football fashion

A white collar on a black dress. We all know the girl on the left is after my own heart though I really do think she should do something about her hair. ;) The lady on the right looks like she’s winning some hearts of her own!

1960s football fashion

I’m not sure if it’s the same worldwide, but football happens mostly in the cooler months in Australia so it’s important to rug up. I love the bright colour of the shawl on the left and the lady on the right looks quite chuffed with her vest. Understandably! It’s a smart ensemble.

I could see someone (or even myself in the case of that black dress!) wearing these outfits to a game of football today. Couldn’t you?

Images from The Australian Women’s Weekly, 5 July 1961.