We all have things we tend to obsess a little over and collect (maybe a little more than we should!) and if you’re anything like me, you have quite a few (growing) collections. Lately I’m loving my 1960s nightwear collection which is probably due to finding more of these items on my recent thrifting expeditions.

My 1960s nightwear collection

My 1960s nightwear collection

I know it’s probably a little nanna’ish but I can’t help it! They’re pretty! I did however, see Megan wearing a similar nightie to one I own in an episode of Mad Men. This did help me feel a little less ‘grandma’ about my collection. ;)

Megan wearing a 1960s nightgown in Mad Men Season 5

If you can’t find any lovely nightgowns in your local op shops there are plenty to be had on Etsy. Including this lovely pale yellow number from Capricious Traveler which I’ve been coveting.

1960s pale yellow nightgown from Capricious Traveler

Oh, and how adorable are these two nightgowns?! I especially love the blue one on the right with its big bow.

1960s nightgown advertisements

How about you? Do you have a vintage nightwear obsession too… or perhaps you do now? :)

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