Do you ever get bored and search online for vintage photographs of people with the same name as you? Yeah… me neither…

1920s Teresa

On the left is the beautiful Teresa Donn with her gorgeous hair and on the right is the ‘visionary’ Teresa Neumann.

1930s Teresa

Here we have two lovely ladies in lovely collars. A young Teresa Di Bella (with pal) on the left and Argentine socialite Teresa Duhau on the right.

1940s Teresa

Actress Teresa Wright is looking adorable in her ric-rac trimmed blouse on the left (I wonder if she knew she was holding her book upside down?) and Teresa Blades sits a pretty portrait on the right.

1950s Teresa

Singer Teresa Stratas auditioning for the Metropoliton Opera on the left and Teresa Ibarrondo is looking carefree on the right.

1960s Teresa

Singer Teresa Brewer is on the left with her slightly unnerving mirrored men and on the right is a beautiful portrait of another young Teresa.

It wasn’t very hard to find other lovely ladies with the same name as me but then I don’t have a terribly uncommon name. How about you?

Images: [Teresa Donn] Manchester Archives; [Teresa Neumann] gahetNA; [Teresa Di Bella] John Hagedorn; [Teresa Duhau] LIFE, 1939 by John Phillips; [Teresa Wright] LIFE, 1941 by Alfred Eisenstaedt; [Teresa Blades] LLF archives; [Teresa Stratas] LIFE, 1959 by Walter Sanders; [Teresa Ibarrondo] Perfumeria Ibarrondo; [Teresa Brewer] gahetNA; [Young 1960s Teresa] The Paige Family.