‘My vintage memory’ is a regular series here at Bess Georgette and I’d love to share yours. Email me your vintage memory (attach photos if you have them) to info@bessgeorgette.com and I’ll share it here. This week’s vintage memory is by Caren of “tea & chickadees”

Hello readers of the lovely Bess Georgette blog, my name is Caren and I am the proprietor of an online vintage shop aptly called The Vintage Apartment. I also share my musings on the little things in life over at Tea & Chickadees, where you’ll find ‘Sunday Smiles’, ‘Monday Meows’, and lots of sweet nothings in between.

My vintage memory is dedicated to a particular blue dress. This dress is the most delightful shade of robin’s egg blue. It is my mom’s dress, and it is one of my most cherished belongings. I wasn’t aware of its existence until I was older — I think I was in my twenties — and there was no way I could squeeze myself into it. So, I kept the dress hung on my bedroom wall as the piece of art that it was. My mom wore this dress when she was around 16. It has pearl encrusted straps, a metal zipper up the back and three fabric buttons to keep it closed. Over the dress is a sheer shrug that is left a little long so it gracefully flows when the wearer moves. Eventually, my niece Samantha was able to fit into it when she was about 14 and it was lovely to see her twirl in it! I wish I could find those photos, but I can share the ones I took of my goddaughter Astrid wearing it a fear years ago, when she was 13, in 2009. I kept the dress in the hopes that if I had a daughter, it could be hers to wear or keep. I am lucky enough to have lovely nieces and goddaughters to keep the memory of my mother’s blue dress alive.

Astrid wearing Caren's vintage blue dress

Astrid wearing Caren's vintage blue dress

I took the blue dress out today, into the sunshine, and hung it on the clothesline in my backyard. It was magical to watch it get caught in a dance with the wind — I think it needed to get out and breathe a little. I took a polaroid of the blue dress to share.

Polaroid of Caren's vintage dress

I hope to find a photo of my mom wearing the dress someday — there’s a lot of old slides to go through, so fingers crossed I come across one. I would make a large print of it and hang it next to the dress as a homage to both my mom and the stunning fashions of a bygone era.