At first I thought this month’s ‘Collecting Colour’ silver was going to be quite hard but that thought quickly vanished when I realised I could share some of my jewellery with you! I am a silver girl through and through, and here a few of my favourite pieces…

Collecting Colour: April is silver — Some of my favourite jewellery pieces

This watch belonged to my grandmother and while I don’t wear it often these days (my iPhone is usually my clock!) it is a treasured piece in my collection.

Collecting Colour: April is silver — My grandmother's watch

A couple of my brooches were originally worn by mother when she was a little girl, including this adorable little deer…

Collecting Colour: April is silver — My mother's deer brooch

And this hound!

Collecting Colour: April is silver — My mother's hound brooch

Granted. Not everything in my collection for April is silver… but I’m hoping you’ll be so in love with the brooches you won’t notice! ;)

A little side note: The vintage silver clutch is destined for the store and they all sit on top of a greyscale 1950s dress from my personal collection.

So… as you can see. Silver wasn’t really as hard as I thought it would be! How about you? Do you have silver around you too?