Hello! How are you? After a long flight (where I finally saw ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’) I arrived safe and sound back in Australia. I’m a little surprised I was able to get all of my Hong Kong finds (and the things I took to HK with me) into my two suitcases but I did. I must have been quite the sight, lugging all my bags around the airport and train station!

Bags and all, I’m now home in Victoria and unpacked. I don’t know about you, but this process usually takes me longer than the actual packing! Why is that?

After unpacking I like to give my vintage dresses a good airing but it’s been a little grey and rainy so when the sun peaked out briefly yesterday, I didn’t waste time getting some outside to take advantage of the lovely Autumn breeze.

Vintage dresses hung outside to air

I love seeing a collection of pretty dresses all lined up in a row, gently swaying in the sunshine, don’t you?

Vintage dresses hung outside to air

The above dresses are all destined for the shop, which has been reopened and will be restocked soon. There are some super pretty pieces, don’t you think?