‘My vintage memory’ is a regular series here at Bess Georgette and I’d love to share yours. Email me your vintage memory (attach photos if you have them) to info@bessgeorgette.com and I’ll share it here. This week’s vintage memory is by Kelly of ‘Elegantly Academic’.

Hi my name is Kelly from the blog Elegantly Academic and I am thrilled to be writing a post for Teresa’s ‘My Vintage Memory’ series. My love for vintage things really started when I became an avid Beatles fan in high school. Later, in my first year of University I started selling vintage clothes online to help supplement my student income. During this time I was visiting thrift stores and markets on a regular basis to source items to sell. I would (very) often keep some of the items for myself, but sooner or later the items would all end up being sold as my tastes changed and evolved. This pendant is one of the few items that has stood the test of time in my jewellery collection, which I have probably had for close to 10 years now.

Kelly's thrifted floral pendant

The floral pendant is from a church thrift store and it originally came with a chain. There isn’t much story behind it, except that I liked it and brought it. The blue bird pendant was purchased from my local markets. At the time I had been after a blue bird pendant for a while and when I found this I snapped it up immediately. But when I took it home to find a chain to attached it to, I thought at the time the pendant was too dainty to be on a chain by itself. After a little bit of experimenting with my jewellery collection I decided to attach the blue bird to the floral pendent necklace and have worn it like that ever since.

Kelly's little blue bird finds a perfect new home with her floral pendant

I love this necklace for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s one of a kind! It’s nice knowing that you own something that is unique. I also love that it is a great example of re-using items, rather than purchasing something new. But the main reason I love it is because it is a reminder of my love for thrifting, markets and all things vintage, which has recently been re-invigorated for me through blogging. In the end, it is a reminder of who I am and the things I love.