The third instalment of Emily’s ‘Collecting Colour‘ challenge is green and surprisingly… I found this harder than I probably should have. There is green everywhere! You might be surprised to hear me say this about a place like Hong Kong but there really is and it was hard to chose which greens to include! There are pockets of parkland to be found in amongst all the high rises and there are quite a few buildings painted in this lovely hue…

Green painted building and green traffic light in Tai Hang Tung, Hong Kong

Green also features in my daily travels with my trusty green cardigan, my Kate Spade purse (a birthday present to myself a few years ago), pocket tissues and my khaki green purse which holds all of my lip glosses. I also couldn’t resist adding another macaron into the collection shot… this time, pistachio flavoured! In case you’re wondering… it was delicious!

My everyday green things

During my daily wanderings and search for the perfect chai latte, I’ve recently discovered a little Japanese cafe that not only serves the most delicious egg sandwiches but also a green tea latte. It’s not chai but it makes a nice change now and then.

Green tea latte

I’m probably bending the challenge rules a little here by including this next photo but… who can resist an adorable Panda?! I saw the Pandas during our recent trip to Hong Kong’s Ocean Park and this fluffy cutey was quite the hungry Panda!

Panda at Ocean Park, Hong Kong

How about you? With March transitioning into Spring for the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn for the South… I bet you’ve been seeing quite a bit of green too!

PS I had the pleasure of meeting Emily twice in the past month and she is every bit of lovely as her blog!