Gushing over Colette (from Pan Am’s) wardrobe and impatiently anticipating Season 5 of Mad Men has me thinking… Yes. I love watching TV shows set in the past. That’s pretty obvious! The increasing popularity of these TV shows has seen their numbers multiply and, if you’re anything like me, we’re currently in period TV heaven!

In fact… we can work our way through quite a few decades of history, fashion, drama and comedy all with a few clicks of a remote…

The Period TV Show Timeline
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We begin our journey in 1912 with Downton Abbey and then work our way through the 1920s with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (a new Australian TV show that I’m finding delightful) and Boardwalk Empire. As we saunter into the 1930s we encounter Upstairs Downstairs (the new version) and Land Girls, which take us onward and into the early 1940s.

I think it’s best we stop to take a little breather and have a cup of tea before…

We make our way into the 1950s with Call the Midwife and The Hour and then… it’s time to put the icing on the period TV cake (which I imagine will also have sprinkles) and we’re in the 1960s with Pan Am and Mad Men!

I’m surprised we have time left in our days to do anything else but watch TV! ;) I do wonder though… have I missed anything? If so, please let me know!