‘My vintage memory’ is a regular series here at Bess Georgette and I’d love to share yours. Email me your vintage memory (attach photos if you have them) to info@bessgeorgette.com and I’ll share it here. This week’s vintage memory is by Janey from ‘Atomic Redhead’.

Hi there, my name is Janey and I run the blog AtomicRedhead.com where I write about my adventures of wearing vintage. I’ve been around antiques and vintage since I can remember because my parents were in the antique business, and I wore vintage from time to time throughout middle and high school (mostly wearing things that were my mum’s from the 1960s and 70s) as well as vintage repro (it’s embarrassing how many swing dresses I had) but it wasn’t until college when I started to heavily fill my closet with my own vintage treasures.

The memory I’d like to share with you is my first vintage dress purchase during college. Back in 2006, I was a freshman and my husband (then boyfriend at the time) and I were going to a play. Since I was living in the dorms at the time, I had limited closet space and had only brought one dress (my rather cliche cherry print swing dress) which went well with some strappy sandals I had, but I wanted to wear heels to this play, and to my horror, I only had one pair then – and they were black! Black and a white and red dress don’t go well together, especially considering my only purse then was also red. See my dilemma?

Janey wearing her 1940s navy blue rayon dress

So, I did what any gal would do – I went shopping. I went to a place I would later work at in college, a re-sale shop called ‘The Clothes Horse’, and there I found this darling 40s navy rayon dress. Yes, navy. But I figured that the dress and the shoes were far enough apart that no one would notice, so took the darling dress home with me. I still love this dress, and wear it, especially since it has pockets! And a dress with pockets is simply the best!