In Hong Kong, the daytime temperatures are ranging from a low of 10ºC to a high of 21ºC and as we’re nearing the end of winter it’s only natural the days will be warming up… but I’m not quite ready to let go! It’s still much cooler than back home in Australia (although I have heard mixed weather reports from there too) and I’m loving being able to wear wonderfully warm and wooly things.

A common misconception about wool is that it can be a little grey and plain (to match the winter weather) but not if you combine the loveliness of wool with fresh spring florals and colours. Just take a look at these examples from a feature in The Australian Women’s Weekly, 27 May 1959.

German designed orange wool dress. From The Australian Women's Weekly, 27 May 1959

The large shawl collar, smooth waistline and orange colour of this dress is brilliant. It even has a matching detachable overskirt!

Dior plaid matching ensemble. From The Australian Women's Weekly, 27 May 1959

Ensembles are so versatile for mixing and matching with other pieces… although if I ever come across a plaid beauty like this Dior, I’d keep it together forever! I love how the outfit is softened when the jacket is removed to reveal the adorable sleeveless top underneath.

Floral and polka dot printed wool designs by Anne Fogarty. From The Australian Women's Weekly, 27 May 1959

While I love plaid, I adore printed floral and dotted wool fabrics! All three of these classic Fogarty creations, in particular the matching blue ensemble, are gorgeous… although I’m not quite sure about the hat!

How’s the weather where you are? Cool enough for wearing wonderful wooly things?