About Bess Georgette and Teresa

Bess Georgette is an Australian online store of unique vintage fashion and accessories. Bess Georgette founder Teresa Prowse offers a seasonal selection of Australian and overseas vintage as well as your dose of vintage inspiration and things Teresa finds lovely.

Teresa spends her free time fossicking through op shops, auctions and estate sales unable to pass up vintage treasures regardless of their shape or size. It was this obsession with all things vintage that saw Teresa start Bess Georgette.

All Bess Georgette vintage is carefully selected by Teresa for its authenticity and wearability, and is sold to vintage lovers, vintage collectors and even historical collections around the world.

Have a question or simply want to say hello? Please feel free to email Teresa at teresa@bessgeorgette.com

Want to work with Bess Georgette?

If you are working on a project or if you know of something you think might be relevant to Bess Georgette, please let Teresa know. Cross-promotions, editorials, vintage fashion shoots… anything! You can download a copy of the Bess Georgette media kit for more background information.

All of the Bess Georgette graphics are designed by Teresa and she also works as a freelance designer so if you’re looking to have something designed, feel free to ask!